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New Hampshire Democratic Party Opens First Field Office of 2022 in Manchester

In the latest sign Democrats are building a dominant ground game ahead of the midterm elections, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley today announced the New Hampshire Democratic Party will be opening its first coordinated field office in Manchester this weekend.

By the end of the month, the NHDP will also open four more offices by the end of April in Exeter, Nashua, Keene, and Laconia. Additional offices will be opened across the state in the coming months.

“New Hampshire Democrats have a history of bucking national trends, and going into November with the multiple municipal and special elections we have won since last June, we have the momentum to elect Democrats up and down the ballot,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “We aren’t taking a single seat or a single vote for granted, and with the launch of this field office this early, we will have the capacity and the tools we need to continue to out-organize Republicans everywhere, from the North Country to the Seacoast.”

The office will serve as a hub for organizing, helping volunteers and grassroots leaders talk to Granite Staters directly about Democrats’ commitment to taking on corporate special interests to lower costs for New Hampshire families, protecting reproductive freedom, and ensuring every child has access to a great public school education.

"I'm thrilled New Hampshire Democrats are kicking off their organizing efforts in the Queen City," said Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig. "Manchester residents care about maintaining a strong public education system, providing for their families, and making sure that New Hampshire remains a great place to live and work. We know that one-on-one conversations are the best way to connect with voters, and folks are ready to hear from Democratic candidates and organizers."

“Volunteer-led grassroots organizing is what New Hampshire Democrats do best, and these offices will help us continue to talk to voters directly about what Democrats are doing up and down the ballot to deliver for the Granite State,” said Andrea Nemecek, Organize NH Coordinated Campaign Director. “New Hampshire Democrats are building on the momentum we have from our successes over the past year to re-elect Senator Hassan, Rep. Kuster, and Rep. Pappas, elect a Democratic governor, and flip the Executive Council, State Senate, and State House in November.”

“Over the past year, New Hampshire Democrats have mobilized their superior ground game to buck the national trend and win a series of critical victories up and down the ballot. In March, the New Hampshire Democratic Party helped lead the effort to secure important victories in local elections across the state — defeating anti-education school board candidates and over a dozen warrant articles that would have undermined New Hampshire’s elections, while electing strong Democratic leaders on Town Meeting Day and in the Ward 9 special election in Manchester. In November, the NHDP’s municipal election program dominated the municipal elections — winning eleven of New Hampshire’s thirteen mayor’s offices. This victory came after State Representative Catherine Rombeau won a September special election in Bedford — capturing a seat that Republicans had held for generations,” said NHDP Executive Director Troy Price.

The NHDP and its coordinated campaign arm, Organize NH, will continue to serve as Democrats’ hub for grassroots organizing and voter protection in 2022. The NHDP will work to organize and mobilize Granite Staters in every corner of the state while implementing a sweeping training program to empower local volunteers. The effort will focus on not only re-electing the federal delegation, but also on electing a Democratic Governor and Democratic majorities in the State Senate, State House, and Executive Council.


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