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MEMO: NH Democrats Buck National Trends With Victories in Municipals Elections

Overview: Last night, NH Democrats once again bucked national trends and won big in municipal elections throughout the Granite State -- with key mayoral victories in Manchester, the state’s biggest city, and Laconia, one of the state’s reddest cities. Democrats also flipped the Mayor’s office in Portsmouth and Claremont. Democrats were elected at the city wide level in all eleven cities that had elections last night, and now run eleven of New Hampshire’s thirteen cities. While results are still being collected it is clear that a historic number of women were elected throughout the Granite State and in Portsmouth, Joanna Kelley was elected the first BIPOC assistant mayor in New Hampshire history.

Democrats Won in Deep Red Territory

  • Mayor Andrew Hosmer was re-elected in Laconia, NH — which Donald Trump won by nearly 6 points — in a 46 point landslide in what is a clear sign of Democratic momentum in the Granite State.

  • In Laconia, Democrats won two out of three school board races -- one of them being at large with Jennifer Anderson winning 70% of the vote.

Democrats up and down the ballot won big on November 3rd from School Board to Mayor

  • In Manchester, Democrats flipped aldermen seats in wards 4, 7, and 12.

  • In Dover, Democrats won nearly every race from school board to mayor.

  • In Claremont, one of NH’s swing cities, Democrats’ Mayoral victory flipped the seat from red to blue along with resounding Democratic victories at the city council level.

Historic Wins in for Women and People of Color in Manchester, Portsmouth, and Nashua

  • Mayor Joyce Craig was re-elected to a historic third term in Manchester. This is the first time a Democrat has won a third term in Manchester since 2003, and she is the first Democratic mayor to be re-elected while a Democratic president was in office in decades. Sununu put serious political capital on the line by endorsing Mayor Craig’s Republican opponent, Victoria Sullivan.

  • Portsmouth’s Mayor flipped from red to blue, and Joanna Kelley was elected the first BIPOC assistant mayor in New Hampshire history.

  • In Nashua, Shoshanna Kelley and Gloria Timmons -- two women of color -- were elected to Alderman at-large seats.

A Strong Municipal Election Showing After Three Consecutive Special Election Wins Shows Pattern of Democratic Victories Throughout the Granite State

Historically, NH Democrats Have Bucked National Trends, Winning Big in Tough Midterms & in 2016

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats are winning big all over the state -- from Berlin to Manchester to Portsmouth -- because voters are turning out in support of public education, reproductive health care, and a responsible pandemic response. This shows clear momentum for the 2022 midterm elections.

  • Voters are rejecting and will continue to reject Chris Sununu and the NH GOP’s disgraceful agenda which includes putting an abortion ban into the state budget, pushing an extreme school voucher program, and consistently buying into dangerous anti-vax conspiracy theories. Every time voters have a chance to hold the NH GOP accountable, they show up in droves.

  • This is demonstrated by the past three special elections where Representative Muriel Hall, Representative Catherine Rombeau, and Representative-Elect Andrew Maneval all won big, defying expectations and outperforming President Biden. All signs point to this momentum continuing to build.


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