Chairman Raymond Buckley

Raymond Buckley was elected as Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party in March of 2007. Prior to serving as Chair he served as the Party’s 1st Vice Chair and Executive Director. His professional political involvement began when he was an organizer for Jimmy Carter’s campaign for President in 1976. Since then he has been involved with each Presidential campaign in New Hampshire as well as campaigns for Governor, US House, US Senate and the NH State Senate. During the 2006 election cycle he was the Executive Director for the NH Senate Democratic Caucus. In 1986 he was elected to the State House from Manchester where he served eight terms.


In January of 2009, Chairman Buckley was elected the President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs. He was re-elected to the position in February 2011 and again in January of 2013. In his role as ASDC President he also serves as a Vice Chair for the Democratic National Committee. Chairman Buckley also serves on the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee.

As a national leader in the LGBT community, Chairman Buckley serves on the DNC’s LGBT Caucus as well as the National Stonewall Democrats. Chairman Buckley is the first openly gay politician to serve as the President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs and as a Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

1st Vice Chair Martha Fuller Clark

Martha Fuller Clark was elected as the 1st Vice Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party in March of 2007. Martha and her husband, Dr. Jeff Clark, both reside in Portsmouth where she has represented the residents of Portsmouth as a State Representative (1990-2002) and as a State Senator (2004-2010). In 2002 she was the 1st Congressional District Democratic Nominee. During her service in the NH State Senate she served as President Pro-Tem and Chaired the Senate Energy, Environment and Economic Development Committees.

Senator Fuller Clark has served as the former President of the Board Strawbery Banke, as an adviser to the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is the past President of Scenic America.

In 2007 Senator Fuller Clark became one of then-Senator Obama’s Co-Chairs for his campaign for President in New Hampshire. She is a member of the Democratic National Committee where she serves on the Resolutions Committee.

Senator Fuller Clark was elected to the NH State Senate on November 6th, 2012.

2nd Vice Chair Bette Lasky

Find Senator Bette Lasky on Twitter: @BetteLasky

Secretary Maitri Chittidi

Maitri Chittidi was elected Secretary of the NHDP on March 25, 2017. She graduated from Bates College this past May with a degree in Politics and wrote her senior thesis on New Hampshire women in politics. Maitri was awarded the 2017 NH Young Democrats’ J.F.K. “Young Democrat of the Year” Award and currently serves as the organization’s fundraising coordinator.

Maitri first became politically active in 2012 as a youth coordinator and trained volunteers for canvasses for President Obama’s re-election campaign. She remained active in Nashua Democratic politics and campaigned for several candidates including Mayor Jim Donchess, State Senator Peggy Gilmour, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Treasurer Brian Rapp

Brian Rapp was elected Treasurer August 9th, 2012. Brian is the former Chair of the Claremont School Board and is a professional Fire Fighter. On March 9th, 2013 Brian was elected to a full term as Treasurer. 

He lives in Claremont with his wife and two sons.

Legal Counsel William Christie

William Christie was elected the Legal Counsel for the NHDP on March 25, 2017.

He is a graduate of Boston College Law School and is an attorney at Shaheen & Gordon PA. William served as the NH National Litigation Counsel to President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2012.

DNC Committee Member Kathy Sullivan

Kathy Sullivan has served as the NHDP DNC Committee member since 2008. Her current term expires in 2020. She is a former member of the DNC Credentials Committee and a current member of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee.

From 1999 to 2007, Kathy was the New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair. In 2007 she was the Chairwoman of the Draft Jeanne Shaheen for Senate Committee and was Co-Chair of Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire presidential primary campaign in 2008.  She also served as a Co-Chair of the 2012 Maggie Hassan for Governor campaign. In addition, she has been a member of numerous boards and commissions.  

Kathy is an attorney with the Wadleigh, Starr & Peters law firm.  She also writes a regular column for the Union Leader.

Kathy and her husband, John Rist, reside in Manchester.

DNC Committee Member William Shaheen

Attorney William Shaheen currently is serving as the NH DNC Committee member. Mr. Shaheen has long been active in New Hampshire politics including being Chair of the 1976 NH for Jimmy Carter Campaign. Mr. Shaheen also served as the Chair for Al Gore's (2000) and John Kerry's (2004) successful Primary bids.

In 1977, President Carter asked him to serve as U.S. Attorney for the State of New Hampshire and he held that position for four years. After that, in 1981, he opened his new practice with Steve Gordon and they have been partners ever since. Also in that same year, Governor Gallen appointed Bill to be the District Court Judge for the Durham District Court.

DNC At-Large Member Joanne Dowdell

Joanne Dowdell was nominated to be a DNC At-Large Member by then-DNC Chair, Governor Tim Kaine & President Obama. She was elected by the DNC to the post in September 2009. She was re-appointed by the President and DNC Chair Rep. Wasserman Schultz in 2013. Prior to serving in this role she was the NHDP Secretary.

Joanne served as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2008 & 2012 for President Obama. Joanne also served as one of NH's Presidential electors in 2012.

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