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Tuesday, March 16th at 4:00PM

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Growing Your Organization

VoteBuilder/ VAN Office Hours

Have a VoteBuilder question? Trying to create the perfect list? Having trouble logging in?

Every Monday at 5 PM EST and Wednesday at 10 AM EST, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is holding open VoteBuilder support office hours for both big and small questions. Sign up here!


If you would like to schedule a training session outside of these times, our door is always open. Please email the NHDP Political Team at at any time!


LTE Office Hours

Have a point to make, but not sure how best to make it?

Every Thursday at 4:30 PM EST the New Hampshire Democratic Party will hold Letter to the Editor office hours to support you in your persuasive writing endeavors.  Sign up here, or check out more details about LTE writing here.

You can also sign up to join our LTE team here, and a member of the NHDP will reach out to you.

Social Media Training

Does your organization want to learn how to best utilize social media to get your point across? We can help!

Email Colin Booth for more information, and to schedule a virtual training.

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