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HuffPost: Kelly Ayotte’s Deep Ties To Scandal-Plagued ‘Green’ Energy Firm

New reporting from the HuffPost details Republican gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte’s past role on the board of Bloom Energy Corp., a “scandal-plagued ‘green’ energy firm” which violated environmental regulations, produced misleading financial statements, and exaggerated the sustainability of its technology. 

HuffPost notes that “contrary to myths about Bloom, our research indicates that Bloom’s technology is not sustainable, clean, green, or remotely profitable.” Investigative articles from Forbes and Axios respectively concluded that Bloom’s technology is “too dirty and too costly’ to transform the electric grid, and that the company has “‘a history of playing fast and loose with its numbers.’” 

Kelly Ayotte served as chair of the Bloom Energy Board of Directors’ nominating, governance, and public policy committee while the fuel cell startup mishandled hazardous waste and allegedly “misrepresented its profitability and financial health.” Public filings show that Ayotte “earned at least $131,250 and received more than 13,000 company shares” while at Bloom. 

The new reporting is just the latest example of Ayotte deceiving the public about her record while pushing to advance her career. Ayotte has falsely claimed to be a supporter of clean energy initiatives, despite her involvement at Bloom, as well as her role as “sherpa” for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, who, since joining the Supreme Court, has voted on numerous occasions to weaken the federal government’s ability to adequately address the impacts of climate change.

“Ayotte’s involvement at a scandal plagued ‘green’ energy firm is fitting – similar to Bloom, Ayotte embellishes her track record and downplays the destructive practices that she takes part in,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Wealthy corporations might find Ayotte’s deceit appealing, but Granite Staters see right through it and will hold her accountable in this year’s race for governor.” 


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