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Will Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith Join Don Bolduc In Embracing a Convicted Insurrectionist?

WMUR’s Adam Sexton reported yesterday that US Senate candidate Don Bolduc attended a meeting held by the Rochester 9/12 Project, a fringe extremist group led by convicted insurrectionist Jerry Delemus.

In 2014, Delemus was convicted “of inciting and helping lead an armed insurrection” in a standoff against federal officers at the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the standoff helped inspire far-right militias across the country. The Rochester 9/12 Project — a New Hampshire branch of the larger far-right organization — which was founded by Delemus has also faced scrutiny for trying to form a militia in 2013.

Delemus is hoping to host all three Republican US Senate candidates at a candidate forum this year. Kevin Smith attended a 9/12 group forum in 2012.

With Don Bolduc openly embracing an insurrectionist who engaged in an armed standoff with law enforcement, Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith must answer whether or not they’ll also attend an event hosted by a convicted insurrectionist.


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