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Valley News: NH, Vermont differ on rollout of kids’ COVID vaccine

In Case You Missed It, the Valley News reported that Chris Sununu’s administration continues to blunder their vaccination rollout — this time impacting how quickly children are able to get the COVID vaccine. While Vermont is moving full steam ahead to vaccinate children ages 5-11, New Hampshire is facing significant challenges after Chris Sununu’s Republican Executive Council voted against accepting $27 million in federal funds that could have helped the state get more people — including children — vaccinated. This is the latest example of the consequences Granite Staters are facing because of Sununu’s failure to lead during the COVID pandemic. Multiple reports have shown that Governor Sununu’s administration is responsible for New Hampshire’s inaccurate COVID vaccination data and for the state’s tracking system breaking down last week, preventing anyone from getting critical information about new daily COVID cases. Key Excerpts:

  • New Hampshire health officials are urging families to be patient in scheduling COVID-19 vaccinations for children ages 5 to 11, citing the Executive Council’s recent rejection of $27 million in federal funding to support the vaccination effort.

  • While Vermont officials on Tuesday directed families to register for the shots through a state website and phone number as soon as Wednesday morning, New Hampshire health officials are pointing families of young children to area pharmacies, which already are scheduling booster shots for older people out into the future.

  • “Parents should expect significant demand for pharmacy-based vaccinations after the (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends vaccines for the group,” said Jake Leon, a spokesman for the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Meanwhile, many schools across the Upper Valley continue to see cases of COVID-19. The Orange East Supervisory Union, for example, has had recent cases in almost all its schools, including Bradford Elementary School, Oxbow High School, Waits River Valley School in East Corinth and Newbury Elementary School, according to Superintendent Emilie Knisley.


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