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Upper Valley Leaders Call Out the Threat the McConnell-Sununu Agenda Poses to New Hampshire

Lebanon, N.H. — Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s McConnell-Sununu Exposed statewide tour stopped in Lebanon, where State Senator Sue Prentiss, State Representative Russell Muirhead, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley, and Miles Brown, president of the Dartmouth College Democrats, called out Mitch McConnell’s all-out effort to recruit Chris Sununu to run for Senate and laid out the threat the McConnell-Sununu agenda poses to New Hampshire.

Key Excerpts:

Chairman Ray Buckley: “For McConnell, recruiting Sununu to run is about power for Mitch, and not for New Hampshire. And it’s clear to everyone in New Hampshire that if Sununu runs, it will be for Mitch McConnell. That’s why we’re here today, as part of the McConnell-Sununu Exposed statewide tour to shine a bright light on the aggressive, secretive, behind-the-scenes effort to get Sununu to run — and how the shared McConnell-Sununu agenda will hurt New Hampshire. McConnell knows that Sununu would be a rubber stamp for his agenda and is his ticket to winning back power in DC. That’s why McConnell and his cronies are doing everything they can to get Sununu to run.”

State Senator Sue Prentiss: “Just last month, Governor Sununu signed an extreme, right-wing budget that would ban abortion without exceptions for rape, incest, or fatal fetal anomaly and will threaten basic health care — including cancer screenings and STD testing — from Granite Staters. It would also force women seeking an abortion at any point to undergo an invasive, state-mandated ultrasound. For some without insurance, that requirement would make any abortion cost-prohibitive. This budget would also criminally charge doctors for providing the care they believe best serves their patients. This is the most extreme, anti-choice budget New Hampshire has ever seen, and it’s no surprise that Governor Sununu signed this budget at a time when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell -- who himself has an extreme, anti-choice record -- is recruiting Governor Sununu to run for Senate.”

State Representative Russell Muirhead: “We know why Mitch McConnell wants Governor Sununu in the United States Senate. The two of them have exactly the same agenda--and that’s an agenda that hurts citizens in New Hampshire. During the very worst months of the pandemic, Mitch McConnell led the Republican opposition against the American Rescue Plan—that was the plan that kept the economy going during the pandemic, that averted an economic catastrophe, that helped students get back to school, that helped small businesses stay open and reopen. It was the plan that provided people with much needed rental and housing assistance, and that gave families across the country relief through the Child Tax Credit, which is a tax cut for families. Without missing a beat, Chris Sununu followed McConnell’s instructions and said he would have been a ‘no’ vote on the American Rescue Plan. When Granite Staters were trying to stay afloat, trying to keep their heads above water Sununu decided to stick with the extreme, obstructionist agenda that McConnell embraced.”

Miles Brown, President of the Dartmouth College Democrats: “The McConnell-Sununu agenda is dangerous, extreme, and out of touch with what people in New Hampshire want and believe in. It includes taking away a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, raising taxes on families to put money in the pockets of corporations, and putting quality, affordable health care out of reach for thousands of Granite Staters. Not only is this agenda wrong for New Hampshire, but Granite Staters want an independent leader who will stand up for New Hampshire — not a yes vote for the McConnell agenda.”


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