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UNH Survey Center Finds that Granite Staters Really Dislike the Potential GOP Candidates

A new survey released by the University of New Hampshire shows that Granite Staters strongly dislike all of the current and potential GOP Senate candidates — if they even know who they are. “It’s not surprising that Granite Staters strongly dislike the group of far-right extremists considering a run for US Senate,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “While most voters don’t even know who these Republicans are, those who do know them have zero interest in supporting them or their extreme agendas.”

The survey is another example of how the entire Republican field in the Republican Senate primary — which hasn’t even started yet — is set to be made up of candidates who are unpopular and out of touch with New Hampshire voters. This week, the only declared candidate claimed that the state party is rigging the election against him. Meanwhile, an attempt to anoint the GOP nominee caused massive infighting among New Hampshire Republicans. With only weeks until the “bloodletting” primary is expected to begin, it’s clear that the Republican primary will quickly turn into a chaotic race to the right that will damage the party and whoever becomes their candidate in 2022. Read the full survey here.


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