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Trump Wades Deeper Into #NHSen Primary, “Talking Directly” To Right-Wing Candidate Don Bolduc

Bolduc Had a 15-Minute Phone Call with Trump Last Week

Former president Donald Trump is meddling in primaries across Senate battlegrounds, raising fears from the GOP that his actions will inflict “midterm damage”––and he hasn’t forgotten about New Hampshire.

Last week Trump boosted the candidacy of General Don Bolduc, worrying national Republicans that Bolduc could become Trump’s handpicked choice in the New Hampshire Senate race. Now, in an interview this morning with NH Today’s Chris Ryan, Bolduc himself is bragging that he is “talking directly” with the former president and even “thinks there is a chance he'll endorse his candidacy.”

You can listen to Bolduc discuss his 15-minute phone call with Trump here.

Here’s what people are saying about the new developments:


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