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Trump Hates Don Bolduc, Bolduc Still Begging for Help

Will the failed Jeff Sessions strategy work in NH?

Concord, N.H. -- For more than a year, Donald Trump's allies have harassed Republican U.S. Senate candidate Don Bolduc, and Bolduc has responded by saying he "support[s] President Trump 100%." Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has publicly mocked Bolduc, saying his campaign was “imploding,” bashing him for his inability to gain support and tweeting that his “fundraising sucks.” In response, Bolduc groveled for his endorsement, which instead went to Bolduc's rival, Corky Messner.

Since then, Trump and his team have continued to belittle Bolduc and promote Messner, even barring Bolduc from an event hosted at one of their offices this week. Still, like Jeff Sessions and other Trump foes, Bolduc is making a political calculation to debase himself, doing everything he can to link himself with Trump, no matter how much bullying he faces at his hand.

“Don Bolduc has gone to great lengths to get Trump's support, even defending Trump when the president mocked veterans with PTSD, but Trump keeps casting Bolduc aside in favor of Corky Messner,” said NHDP Spokeswoman Noelle Rosellini. “With Trump flying in to rally for Messner ahead of the September primary, how far will Bolduc go to get his support? Will Bolduc beg for Trump's help at tomorrow's rally, and where is the ceiling for his humiliation?"



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