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**TONIGHT**THE NEXT NASTY DEBATE: Newsmax Hosts NH GOP Senate Debate This Evening

onight at 9:00 pm, Newsmax will host the New Hampshire Republican Senate candidates for a debate that will undoubtedly unravel into (even more!) chaos and infighting. So far, every Republican Senate debate has devolved into an all-out brawl between the candidates. During the first Republican debate, Don Bolduc called Kevin Smith “clueless” and said that a “Town Manager in Londonderry knows nothing about national security and strategy.” Then Bruce Fenton attacked Chuck Morse, calling him a “rubber stamp” who is “afraid to answer questions.” Last week, the candidates participated in two debates where they “sparred” over whose policy positions were most extreme and “criticized” each other for their temperaments and past statements. The Republicans also “downplayed the effects of climate change,” “trash[ed] the FBI [and] 2020 election results,” backed defunding the Department of Homeland Security, took deeply unpopular and extreme anti-choice positions, and even said they would “support overturning the 17th Amendment” — which allows for people to directly elect their Senators. WHAT: Republican Senate debate hosted by Newsmax WHO: Chuck Morse Kevin Smith Don Bolduc Bruce Fenton And not Vikram Mansharamani (he wasn’t invited…) WHEN: Wednesday, August 24th at 9:00 pm BACKGROUND:

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  • The Pulse of NH: The Five Major US Senate Republican Candidates Sparred In Our Live Debate On GMNH

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  • Business Insider: MAGA Republicans Boo Candidate Opposed To Abolishing The FBI For Searching Mar-A-Lago During Trumpy Senate Midterms Debate In New Hampshire

  • Politico: One Of The Top Contenders For The GOP Nod In New Hampshire's Senate Contest, Don Bolduc, Endorsed Repealing The Direct Election Of Senators.


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