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Sununu to Join Mitch McConnell’s Highly Paid Consultants on Conservative Podcast

In the latest example of Chris Sununu’s cozy relationship with Mitch McConnell, tomorrow the Governor will join McConnell’s highly paid political consultants on a right-wing podcast. The podcast hosts are Josh Holmes, Senator Mitch McConnell’s former Chief of Staff and former Campaign Manager, and Michael Duncan, who ran McConnell’s digital campaign in 2014. Together, they now own Cavalry, LLC which has received millions of dollars in payments from McConnell’s campaign, PAC, super PAC, and the Senate campaign committee he controls. As of June 25, McConnell's campaign, leadership PAC, and other committees controlled by McConnell have paid Cavalry LLC $14,612,801.01. This year alone, McConnell's committees have already paid the firm a total of $306,708.28. Additionally, the third host of the Ruthless podcast is Shashank Tripathi, “one of Twitter's most established trolls,” known for operating the Twitter account Comfortably Smug which he used to spread fake information about Hurricane Sandy and was even at one point kicked off Twitter for harassment. The Podcast’s title is understood to be a joke about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death -- and McConnell’s swift confirmation of her replacement.



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