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Sununu Takes Credit for Purchasing Hampstead Hospital With American Rescue Plan Money He Opposed

CONCORD -- Ahead of tomorrow’s Executive Council meeting, Chris Sununu is already taking credit for the state’s plan to purchase the Hampstead Hospital with funds from the American Rescue Plan that Sununu said he would have voted against. In February, Sununu made clear that he would have sided with Mitch McConnell and voted against the American Rescue Plan — which he is now touting. According to the Executive Council agenda, the council will vote on whether or not to “authorize to accept and expend the America Rescue Plan Act, in the amount of $15,117,252, for the purchase of Hampstead Hospital.” But in February, Sununu said that if he were in the U.S. Senate, he “would be a ‘no’ vote” on the American Rescue Plan. “Chris Sununu continues to try and have it both ways by taking credit for the purchase of the Hampstead Hospital with federal funds he said he would have voted against,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Sununu made it clear to Granite Staters in February that given the chance, he would have sided with Mitch McConnell and Washington Republicans in voting against the American Rescue Plan and with it, critical relief for New Hampshire.” By voting no on the American Rescue Plan, Sununu would have denied New Hampshire millions of dollars in federal COVID relief for stimulus checks, tax cuts for families, and money for projects like purchasing the Hampstead Hospital. Sununu Has Repeatedly Criticized New Hampshire’s Congressional Delegation and the Biden Administration for Securing Federal Funding for New Hampshire.

  • Sununu attacked the American Rescue Plan as a “top-down, centralized control of everything.” [Valley News, 8/11/2021]

  • Sununu called the American Rescue Plan which delivered stimulus payments and tax credits to New Hampshire families a “bail out.” [Twitter, 2/27/2021]

  • Sununu said he would have voted against the American Rescue Plan. [Youtube, 2/25/2021]

  • During a radio interview where he discussed the state budget, Sununu said “we don’t need government handouts and bailouts.” [NH Today, 1/22/2021]

At the Same Time, Sununu Has Touted — And Even Taken Credit For— the Federal Funding He Criticized And Opposed.

  • Sununu took credit for New Hampshire’s congressional delegation securing funding to upgrade high-speed internet during the pandemic. [Twitter, 10/5/2021]

  • Sununu praised grants made by the federally-funded Northern Border Regional Commission to communities in Belknap, Carroll Cheshire, Coos, Grafton, and Sullivan counties. [Eagle Times, 8/10/2021]

  • Sununu touted New Hampshire as being one of the “few states” to invest in expanding broadband during the pandemic. [Twitter, 7/13/2021]

  • Sununu boasts of the “big investments in broadband” that New Hampshire made in 2020 with federal funding. [Twitter, 7/9/2021]

  • Sununu said that he hoped to use American Rescue Plan money to fund New Hampshire workforce development and training programs, particularly for skilled trade jobs. [Seacoast Online, 5/18/2021]

  • Sununu called on federal funding for development of new housing units through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. [NHBR, 5/14/2021]

  • Sununu called the spending of $1 Billion in federal relief funding through GOFERR “an amazing NH success story.” [Twitter, 4/14/2021]

  • Sununu took credit for rural broadband funding secured by New Hampshire’s congressional delegation on NH Today with Chris Ryan saying, “We're already getting those projects shovel ready, if you will. We did a great job with thousands of people getting broadband last year most states didn't do that. We did it.” [NH Today, 3/18/2021]

  • Sununu used his private/campaign twitter to tout $340 Million in federal funding disbursement in small business relief. [Twitter, 10/20/2020]

  • Sununu applauded $200 Million in federal grant money to fund the GOFERR Main Street Relief Fund, School Funding, and Unemployment trust fund tax cut. [Twitter, 10/15/2020]

  • Sununu applauded himself for spending nearly one billion dollars in federal money while trashing the state legislature. [Twitter, 10/19/2020]

  • Sununu called $300 Million in federal funding for federal unemployment benefits “a great deal.” [Twitter, 8/25/2020]

  • Sununu touted CARES act funds going toward Broadband. [Twitter, 8/6/2020]

  • Sununu praised federal unemployment relief funding. [Twitter, 8/18/2020]

  • Sununu applauded the commitment of $250 Million in federal relief funding. [Twitter, 5/15/2020]


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