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STATEMENT: NHDP Condemns Don Bolduc For Attacking New Hampshire’s Elections

During an interview yesterday with WCNL Country Radio, Don Bolduc attacked the integrity of New Hampshire’s elections and falsely claimed that there was massive voter fraud in the state. Bolduc — who has consistently repeated Donald Trump’s Big Lie — said that New Hampshire had received a failing grade on election integrity and slammed those who have called New Hampshire a "gold standard" for election integrity. In response to Bolduc’s false claims about New Hampshire’s election integrity, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement: “In a desperate attempt to curry favor with Donald Trump, Don Bolduc is once again falsely attacking our elections in New Hampshire — and setting up the Republican Senate primary to be about Trump’s Big Lie, and not about the issues that matter to Granite Staters. I vehemently condemn Bolduc’s dangerous and false claims, and I urge the New Hampshire Republican Party to do the same.” Don Bolduc has repeatedly perpetuated false claims about election integrity and Donald Trump’s Big Lie. In an interview with The New Yorker this fall, Bolduc alleged that there was widespread voter fraud in New Hampshire in 2020; said he was open to military intervention in the next presidential election; and pledged to challenge the certification of the Electoral College vote if a Republican doesn’t win. Bolduc also proudly signed a “disturbing and reckless” letter this spring with other retired military officers that spread the Big Lie about the 2020 election. Listen to the interview here and read a transcript below: BOLDUC: Remember these things that we're being asked by our politicians to do are some of the very same things that I was sent and the men and women in which I had the honor of commanding were sent to other countries to prevent. You know, this extreme government control, you know, elections that are fraudulent and in many cases, we see it here in New Hampshire. You know, if people aren't aware, let's make them aware. You know, the Heritage Foundation reviewed all 50 states and their voting integrity and New Hampshire got a D. SMITH: Really? BOLDUC: 64 out of 100. Were 17th, rated 17th now, you know, one would say, "Well, 17th isn't that bad," but it is bad when our political leaders here at the federal level and state level say that New Hampshire is the gold standard for elections. Well, a D isn't a gold standard for elections, right? And 17th out of 50 is also not a gold standard, right? We have issues here and people in all of the counties are concerned. It's the number one question I get. People feel I can't win, not because I'm not a good candidate and that I shouldn't be a U.S. senator and don't have the qualifications, they just believe that the system is rigged and no matter what they do, no matter what I do, I'm going to lose. And that is what the problem is.


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