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STATEMENT: NHDP Calls on NH GOP and House GOP Caucus to Condemn White Supremacist Candidate

CONCORD, NH – With over 24 hours having passed since reporting revealed a known white supremacist and holocaust denier annouced his intentions to run for State Representative in New Hampshire, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement.

“It has been over 24 hours since an avowed white supremacist Trump supporter and Holocaust denier has announced his candidacy for the New Hampshire State House and the silence from the NH GOP and the NH House GOP Caucus is deafening.

“To not say one word against this candidate running for major public office — in their own party — condemning his antisemetic, racist, repugnant views amounts to a tacit endorsement at worst, or a desire to court like-minded individuals at best. House Speaker Sherm Packard, Leader Jason Osborne, and Chris Sunuunu need to condemn this individual, his despicable campaign, and his abhorrent platform today.”


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