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STATEMENT: NH Dems Celebrate EPA’s New Ruling to Protect Americans From PFAS Chemicals and Remove Harmful Substances from Tap Water

CONCORD, NH — The Environmental Protection Agency announced today that for the first time ever, the federal government is requiring municipal water systems to remove six synthetic chemicals known as PFAS, which are linked to cancer and other health problems and are present in tap water across the country. In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“The Biden Administration's announcement today about the new EPA rule means access to clean drinking water for thousands of Granite Staters. For years, Merrimack Democrats have been at the forefront of raising awareness about the pervasive dangers of PFAS in our water. Whether through their local advocacy and organizing efforts, proposing policies at the State House to address PFAS contamination, or working with our federal partners to make lasting national change on drinking water standards, Merrimack Democrats have shown the utmost dedication and commitment to ensuring all Granite Staters have access to safe and clean drinking water. 

I’m grateful to the Biden Administration for launching their Investing in America Agenda, which made funds available to address PFAS and continues to positively impact the lives of everyday Americans. I also want to especially thank our incredible State Representatives Nancy Murphy, Rosemarie Rung, Wendy Thomas, Karen Ebel, State Senator Shannon Chandley, and our entire Federal Delegation. They have consistently advocated for long-term solutions to help communities combat PFAS contamination. Today, we see the fruits of their labor with the EPA's new requirement that will, without question, save lives."


  • State Representative Karen Ebel, along with State Representatives Nancy Murphy, Rosemarie Rung, and Wendy Thomas, are proposing HB 1649-FN, which would prohibit certain products that intentionally include dangerous PFAS chemicals. 

  • State Representative Wendy Thomas’s House Resolution, HR 28, passed this year and urges compensation for injuries from PFAS and the closure and cleaning of sites affected by PFAS.

  • State Representative Wendy Thomas’s bill, HB 398, ​​requires Real Estate Agents to mention the possibility of PFAS in water.

  • U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen successfully fought to include nearly $5 billion in newly available funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to help states and territories implement PFAS testing and treatment at public water systems, and to help the owners of private wells, which greatly impacts rural communities ability to access clean drinking water. Of those funds, $9.4 million are slated to come to New Hampshire. 

  • U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, as well as Congresswoman Kuster and Congressman Pappas all voted for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which Shaheen was a lead negotiator for, which made these crucial investments possible, and advocated for the policies the EPA announced.


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