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STATEMENT: Chuck Morse Leads Republicans in Passing Voter Suppression Law

CONCORD – Today, State Senate President and US Senate Candidate Chuck Morse led Republicans in the State Senate in voting to pass SB 418, a voter suppression bill that would endanger the secret ballot, violate voters’ privacy rights, and overturn how New Hampshire has conducted elections for decades by making same day registration more complicated and difficult. In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“This is a voter suppression bill that completely goes against New Hampshire’s decades-long tradition of same day voter registration and encouraging voter participation. New Hampshire is the gold standard when it comes to our elections, but Chuck Morse and Republicans in Concord are once again attempting to inject the Big Lie and debunked conspiracy theories about voter fraud into our democracy. They are undermining our elections and making it harder for people to vote, especially for college students and overseas military personnel. We know that our democracy is stronger when all eligible Granite Staters are able to participate, which is why New Hampshire Democrats will continue to do everything we can to stop these Republican voter suppression schemes.”


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