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ROUNDUP: Sununu Slammed For Touting His Self-Proclaimed “Abortion Ban”

This week, Governor Sununu went on the 3 Martini Lunch podcast and touted his abortion ban, stating, “I'm the first governor in 40 years to sign an abortion ban. Republican governors before me never signed that. I've done more on the 'pro-life' issue than anyone.” In response, Granite Staters are calling out his hypocrisy and their inability to trust a word he says. Read more here: InDepthNH: Sununu Flexes ‘Pro-Life’ Bona Fides on Conservative Podcast

  • On the podcast, the Republican governor defended his signing of the controversial ban which has no exceptions for rape, incest, or fatal fetal diagnosis and criminalizes doctors for performing abortions after 24 weeks.

  • “Look, I’m the first governor in 40 years to sign an abortion ban. Republican governors before me never signed that. I’ve done more on the pro-life issue — if you will — than anyone,” Sununu said, in contrast with his identification at home as a “pro-choice” governor.

  • Chris Sununu has repeatedly shown the women of New Hampshire that he can’t be trusted to stand up for them,” said [Dr. Tom] Sherman, a gastroenterologist. “As a doctor, I’ve spent my entire career building trust with my patients. There is no greater responsibility because once you break that trust you cannot get it back. This governor has repeatedly broken the trust of Granite State women and is now bragging about it to Washington insiders.

  • Party spokesperson Monica Venzke accused Sununu of catering to “the far-right, anti-choice extremists” in the Republican Party. “Granite State women cannot trust a word he says, especially when it comes to our reproductive rights. Chris Sununu will continue to lie to us and strip us of our rights for his own political gain,” Venzke said.

NH Today with Chris Ryan Chris Ryan: [00:01:59] I thought that he didn't actually say that. So I had to listen to the whole thing because he couldn't possibly have said ‘I did an abortion ban.’ They must have just cut late term piece. They must've just taken that out. And then. He doesn't stop there. He goes on and he says, ‘No one's done more for the pro-life.’

Chris Ryan: [00:03:28] There is some explaining to do when you're saying something on a conservative podcast and you're saying another thing on WMUR and New Hampshire Today. It requires some explaining.


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