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Republican Lawmaker Unleashes Disgusting Anti-Teacher Rant During Committee Hearing

CONCORD, NH — During the executive session of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday, Rep. David Testerman (R-Franklin) went on an unhinged anti-teacher rant to justify a Republican bill which would give the Department of Education authority to issue subpoenas to New Hampshire teachers.

In committee, Rep. Testerman said teachers were “not the brightest bunch of people”, and spread a widely debunked assertion that teachers as a profession had the lowest SAT scores as students.

The bill under discussion would allow subpoenas to be issued for breaches of the Department of Education conduct code. The Republican bill is being introduced following passage of politically motivated bans on discussions regarding race and gender in New Hampshire classrooms implemented in 2021.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Hurting teachers has been the focus of the New Hampshire Republican legislative agenda for over four years now, and they have nothing but staggering losses to show for it. Granite Staters are sick of the smears and attacks and they have had enough. New Hampshire teachers are some of the most important members of our communities, charged with ensuring the next generation are ready for the jobs of the future. "Teachers should be lauded for their community service, not subject to ridicule by half-wit lawmakers decades past their prime. Representative David Testerman should salvage what little honor he has left and resign.”


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