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Report: Another Extreme Candidate Set to Jump into New Hampshire’s “Anonymous” GOP Primary

Republicans in disarray!

According to the Union Leader, Bruce Fenton, “a bitcoin millionaire investor from Durham” who moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project – a fringe group of individuals who support seceding from the United States – is “seriously exploring a Republican primary bid for U.S. Senate in 2022.”

Fenton’s potential entrance into the race — which was first reported this morning — is set to make the already “crazy, complicated” and “messy” primary a whole lot… messier.

It’s not surprising that more candidates are considering jumping in the NH GOP Senate primary. National Journal reported yesterday on how the “anonymous” GOP primary currently has a “vacuum from which a viable GOP candidate has yet to emerge.” The only declared candidates Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, and Don Bolduc have been in the race for months and are still unknown and disliked by a majority of people in New Hampshire, and “have significant weaknesses to overcome.”


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