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Reminder: Chris Christie Would Be A Disaster for New Hampshire’s Economy

CONCORD, NH — Ahead of Chris Christie’s local business roundtable in Manchester and town hall in Concord today, NHDP spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement:

“The last time he was in power, Chris Christie used his governorship to rig New Jersey’s economy for the ultra-wealthy while vetoing minimum wage increases and paid family leave expansion for working families. As President Biden and Democrats rebuild our economy from the bottom up and middle out, the last thing Granite Staters need is Christie and the rest of the MAGA field taking us back to failed trickle-down policies.” Here’s a reminder of Chris Christie’s disastrous record:

  • Christie proposed tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefitted the ultra-wealthy and big corporations while leaving middle class New Jerseyans behind.

  • He vetoed minimum wage increases — another move to rig the economy against working people.

  • Christie also rejected the expansion of paid family leave, which thousands of New Jerseyans rely on for job protections and economic security.

  • He repeatedly called to repeal the ACA, which could kick thousands of Granite Staters off of their health insurance and end protections for those with preexisting conditions.

  • He called for cuts to “all types” of crucial programs like Medicare and Social Security, putting him on the wrong side of seniors and in step with his old boss Donald Trump and other 2024 GOP hopefuls.

  • He backed a federal abortion ban and cut millions in funding for women’s health services, then worked with Susan B. Anthony List to coordinate efforts on restricting abortion in every state.

  • A former Trump administration official, Christie gave Donald Trump’s presidency an ‘A’ and said no one else is better prepared to “provide America with the strong leadership that it needs


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