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RELEASE: Sununu’s Vaccine Rollout Is Leaving Vulnerable Granite Staters Behind

Concord, N.H. -- New reports show that vulnerable Granite Staters in Phase 1b are facing barriers to registering for the COVID vaccine through the website and phone systems set up under Governor Sununu's administration, as New Hampshire continues to struggle to administer the COVID vaccine, according to reports. WMUR reported that some vulnerable Granite Staters have had their appointments canceled or rescheduled to locations hours away. Other Granite States have struggled to navigate the website or phone system, citing issues getting members of the same household who qualify for the vaccine registered, confusion over terminology on the website and over which forms are required to register to receive the vaccine. Under Sununu, Granite Staters are struggling to register for the vaccine and New Hampshire is also falling behind other states that are administering the COVID vaccine more quickly. According to updated data from Bloomberg News, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island have all moved ahead of New Hampshire in the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated. Vermont’s vaccination rate is 8.59 percent, Maine’s is 8.21 percent, Connecticut’s is 9.29 percent, New York’s is 7.80 percent, and Rhode Island's is 6.98 percent. Meanwhile, New Hampshire has vaccinated only 6.96 percent of its population and has only vaccinated just over a third of our long-term care facilities. “Governor Sununu had the time and resources to ensure that the COVID registration website and phone system were accessible to vulnerable Granite Staters who desperately need to get the COVID vaccine, and it is simply unacceptable that they are not,” said Senator Cindy Rosenwald. “There is no time to waste for those in our communities who are elderly or have pre-existing conditions when it comes to receiving the vaccine. The Governor needs to fix these issues immediately.”



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