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RELEASE: Sununu Gives Unqualified Friends Massive Pay Raises While Denying Granite Staters a Raise

Concord, N.H. - Over the last two years, Governor Chris Sununu has twice vetoed increasing the minimum wage for Granite Staters and refused cost-of-living increases for state employees -- while giving himself a $31,000 pay raise. And today, he pushed through sky-high salaries for two of his unqualified appointees: DJ Bettencourt and Frank Edelblut. As Education Commissioner, Edelblut has pursued an extreme agenda and fumbled the reopening of New Hampshire schools. Meanwhile, Bettencourt previously lied about his qualifications and has no experience to qualify him for the job nor the salary he is requesting. Despite that, the Sununu administration pushed through a raise for Edelblut and a sky-high starting salary for Bettencourt, both members of Sununu’s inner circle:

  • Edelblut is requesting a $6,355.96 salary increase.

  • Bettencourt, despite having little relevant experience, is requesting a waiver from beginning at Step 1 - and instead wants to start at Step 5, which would give him a starting salary of $22,097.76 higher than is typical for a new entrant in the role.

“Chris Sununu has no problem telling Granite Staters that they don’t deserve to make a living wage while he gives tens of thousands of dollars in raises to his unqualified friends, and to himself,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “It’s shameful that Sununu continues to use the corner office to help his friends and his special interest donors profit while leaving working Granite Staters behind.”



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