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RELEASE: Report Disproves Lewandowski Dangerous Conspiracy Theories About the Chaos at the United St

Concord, N.H. -- The Washington Post reports that there is “no substantive evidence that the Capitol riot was spurred by antifa,” disproving the dangerous conspiracy spread by potential Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Lewandowski following pro-Trump extremists storming the U.S. Capitol to obstruct the certification of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. Lewandowski, who is considering running as a Republican for Governor, told WMUR’s John DiStaso last night that he believes that “there are members of Antifa who infiltrated the crowd and did some of these things,” and said that he doesn’t “know for a fact,” but “suspect[s] that’s the case.” “Immediately following the dangerous attempted coup by extreme pro-Trump supporters last night, Corey Lewandowski began spreading dangerous conspiracy theories that fanned the flames of violence and division following the events at the United States Capitol,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “It is shameful that Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans have not condemned Lewandowski and his dangerous rhetoric. Either they agree with Lewandowski, or they are too cowardly to speak up against him.”



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