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RELEASE: Does Struggling Sununu Stand With His State Audit Team or Donald Trump?

Concord, N.H. -- Donald Trump’s lies about alleged voter fraud in New Hampshire’s 2020 election are once again causing problems for Governor Sununu. Lines are being drawn with local Republican and Windham resident Ken Eyring filing a lawsuit to temporarily halt the forensic audit and Cory Lewandowski rallying Trump supporters in opposing the audit process for not including the presidential race.

Amid all of this Governor Sununu has appeared weak and unable to control his own party. Just minutes after pushing back against Trump on Friday, the Governor refused to call the President’s comments dangerous. The day before, when asked if he would call on Trump to stop attacking New Hampshire, he told WKBK’s Dan Mitchell “what do you want me to do”

This is not the first time cracks in the GOP around the audit surfaced, 500 Trump supporters came to protest a community meeting over the town Board of Selectmen’s choice of Mark Lindeman to take part of the audit because he simply said the 2020 election in Arizona didn’t need a recount. During the meeting, they chanted “stop the steal”, held the American flag upside down, and turned their backs on the selectmen. Days later, Donald Trump released a statement thanking “the great Patriots of Windham, New Hampshire for their incredible fight to seek out the truth on the massive Election Fraud which took place in New Hampshire.”

The audit of the election results in Windham is due to a discrepancy between the voting machine count tally of votes on Election Day and a hand recount three weeks later, which Trump and Republicans like Corey Lewandowski are suggesting is evidence of wide-spread voter fraud.

Background on Sununu’s response to Trump’s voter fraud lies:

  • “Corey Lewandowski, a current Trump adviser who calls Windham home and said he talked to Trump about the states races on Monday, said the large turnout at the board meeting showed that voters are ‘gravely concerned that the election system is not properly secured and that there is the potential at least for results that don’t align with what voters want.’”

  • “Lewandowski said the results in Windham suggested a statewide audit was necessary to check other vote counting machines. ‘Unless a recount was done in these other communities, we don’t know if the machine tallies are accurate,’ he said. ‘The larger concerns is this: if people don’t believe that there is integrity in the voting process, they won’t participate. That is the real issue.’”

  • “Sununu pushed back on Trump’s comments, calling New Hampshire a model for how to do things right.”

  • “‘A discrepancy of 300 votes out of over 800,000 cast does not define massive voter fraud by any means. We passed a bill, we’re going to do an audit in Windham. If anything, I think the fact that we focus on 300 votes goes to the integrity of our system.,’ he said.”

WMUR - Without evidence, Trump claims ‘massive election fraud’ took place in NH in November election: “Gov. Chris Sununu rejected Trump's claim […] Sununu, asked by a reporter if he considered Trump’s comments dangerous, said, ‘I don’t really consider them, to be honest. We’re focusing on Windham and the state of New Hampshire.’”

Concord Monitor - On the trail: Sununu disputes Trump’s ‘massive’ voter fraud claim: “Gov. Chris Sununu wants to make it crystal clear – there was no large scale election fraud in New Hampshire – as fellow Republican and former President Donald Trump has insisted [...] Sununu’s push back against Trump’s claims is also the latest example of the GOP governor, who is a Trump supporter, being at odds with the former president.”



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