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Nikki Haley Opened the Door in NH to Repealing the ACA

CONCORD, NH — In New Hampshire yesterday, Nikki Haley opened the door to repealing the Affordable Care Act, doubling down on the MAGA agenda to rip away health care access for thousands of Granite Staters.

As South Carolina governor, Haley repeatedly railed against the ACA, even calling to “defund” the program and refusing expansion efforts. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what Haley herself has proudly said about her anti-ACA record: “We have fought Obamacare in South Carolina as much as we possibly could. We said no to the state exchanges. We said no to the Medicaid expansion.

NHDP spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement in response:

“It’s beyond shameful that Nikki Haley would open the door to repealing the ACA, a lifeline for Granite Staters, including over 230,000 living with preexisting conditions. If Haley got her way, thousands could be left uninsured, folks with anything from diabetes to asthma could be denied care, and health care costs could skyrocket in New Hampshire. Haley has always been in lockstep with Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda to rip away health care from hardworking Granite Staters — so can we even be surprised that this is where she stands?”


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