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NHDP Statement On Trump Campaign Announcement

CONCORD, NH — In response to today’s announcement that disgraced Donald Trump will be seeking another term in the Oval Office after being defeated for his re-election bid, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Democrats and independent voters across New Hampshire are united against the disgraced, twice-impeached and defeated ex-president serving another four years in the White House. This year’s midterm election was bad for Republicans because voters across the nation and the Granite State rejected Trump-backed candidates and policies. It’s going to be absolutely disastrous for Republicans if his name is on the ballot in 2024.”

“And, with the support of the New Hampshire Republican Party leadership, who have already made their preference for Trump being the nominee widely known, we have no doubt Trump will be on the ballot, and Democrats across New Hampshire will unite like never before in rejecting his dangerous ideas and policies, just as they have every time his name has been on the ballot in the past.”


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