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NHDP Statement on the NHPR Gubernatorial Debate

Concord, N.H. - Following the NHPR Gubernatorial Debate, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“One thing is clear: Chris Sununu was completely rattled having to defend his Trumpian record and the only thing he could do to save his ego was to blatantly lie about his record - and pretend he didn’t say and do things he clearly did. Sununu is anti-choice. Sununu nominated an anti-choice activist to lead New Hampshire’s highest court. Sununu called Obamacare a ‘nightmare’ and pushed to repeal it. Sununu took an unprecedented $31,000 pay raise for himself while denying Granite Staters a minimum wage increase. Sununu told Concord Radio News just a few years ago that ‘the jury really is still out’ on climate change. Sununu said he’s been ‘successful’ in making the economy work for women, but the reality is we are 45th in the country for the worst gender pay gap.

“These are indisputable facts. But just like Trump, Chris Sununu believes that in order to win this campaign he can’t be honest with Granite Staters and instead, lives in Trump’s fact-free world. Granite Staters don’t live there with Trump and Sununu and they won’t tolerate being lied to. New Hampshire deserves an honest governor and that's why our state will elect Senator Feltes because he is the best choice for working families.”



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