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NHDP Statement on the 49th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

In honor of the 49th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, NHDP Senior Advisor Senator Melanie Levesque and NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statements:

“Today marks the 49th – and what could be the last – anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The right for women and people to make decisions about their bodies was hard fought for by reproductive rights activists 49 years ago. Now, we must answer the call to fight again to protect reproductive freedom and access to abortion which are being threatened by Republicans here in New Hampshire and across the country. It’s never been more important that we elect New Hampshire Democrats up and down the ticket this year who will ensure protections for our reproductive rights and fund family planning centers that provide critical health care services to thousands of Granite Staters,” said NHDP Senior Advisor Senator Melanie Levesque.

“Today, we celebrate the Roe v. Wade decision and its lasting impact on reproductive freedom both here in New Hampshire and across the country, but we’re also reminded that the very future of Roe v. Wade and access to abortion hang in the balance. The days of dangerous back alley abortions should be long over, yet the NH GOP and Republican legislators nationwide are passing extreme, cruel bans on abortion rights that have no exceptions for rape, incest, or fetal autonomy. Abortion bans, ultrasound mandates, and defunding family planning centers do nothing but hurt Granite Staters — and yet, Chris Sununu, Chuck Morse, Sherman Packard, and every Republican in the State House or running for Congress or Senate continue to attack Granite Staters’ right to choose. That’s why we must fight back, elect Democrats this year who will fight to protect Roe v. Wade here in New Hampshire and throughout the country,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley.


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