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NHDP Statement on Retirement of Jeb Bradley

CONCORD – Today, Chairman Ray Buckley released the following statement regarding the retirement of Senate President Jeb Bradley: 

“Senate President Bradley has served New Hampshire for over 40 years, first in the NH House, then congress, and for the past 14 years in the State Senate. Like so many establishment Republicans, Jeb was forced to make ugly decisions to appease the powerful MAGA and FreeStater wings of his party. He did his best in an impossible circumstance and I appreciate the personal sacrifices he has made to serve all these years,” said NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley. “I wish him and his family well in the next chapter.

“The increasing extremism of New Hampshire Republicans will continue, as one of the last few reasonable members walks out the door. Democrats will continue to dedicate ourselves to flipping this seat, this chamber, and every other office we can across New Hampshire come November.”

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