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NHDP Statement on Potential New Extremist Candidate Jumping in the GOP Gubernatorial Primary

CONCORD, NH – In the midst of tanking poll numbers and backlash against Governor Chris Sununu for his attacks on Donald Trump, WMUR reported that there may be a new Republican challenger entering the gubernatorial race.

Julian Acciard, currently a candidate in the CD-01 Republican primary, is considering bowing out of challenging strong incumbent Congressman Chris Pappas, and seeking a more vulnerable target – Governor Sununu.

Matt Mowers, one of Acciard’s CD-01 primary opponents, employs Corey Lewandowski, who has already called for a primary of Governor Sununu for his previous anti-Trump remarks. Sununu was already facing severe backlash by members of his own party for his remarks, which he has since tried to backpedal from.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley has released the following statement.

“It’s a tough week to be the NH GOP, and the last person I’d want to be right now is Chris Sununu. His poll numbers are tanking, his base is turning against him, and members of his own party are fighting hard to unseat him.

Julian Acciard knows that he cannot win against Congressman Pappas, but he knows that with Sununu’s favorability on the decline, he is a much more vulnerable target. With an extremist like Acciard potentially throwing his hat in the ring, and Lewandowski still recruiting, we can expect Sununu’s standing within his own party to decline even further.”


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