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NHDP Chair Ray Buckley Joins NH Today to Discuss McConnell-Sununu Exposed

This morning, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley joined Chris Ryan on NH Today where he discussed McConnell-Sununu Exposed, a new project from the NHDP to shine a bright light on Mitch McConnell’s all-out efforts to recruit Sununu to run for Senate — and the fact that if Sununu runs for U.S. Senate, it will be for Mitch McConnell not New Hampshire. Listen to the interview here. Key Excerpts: On McConnell’s Full Court Press of Sununu

“Mitch McConnell is the one person -- the loudest in the country -- that is begging, cajoling, doing everything he can to get Chris Sununu to run for U.S. Senate with the hope that he does, believing that he at least has somewhat of a chance of getting elected. [...] Senators from all across the country [are] begging Republican activists and donors from the West Coast down to Florida to call Chris Sununu at the governor's office to beg him to run for U.S. Senate. This doesn't have anything to do with NH, it has everything to do with Mitch McConnell trying to return to power.”

On Why McConnell Wants Sununu to Run

“[McConnell] desperately wants to return as the Majority Leader where he can, you know, control the courts, he can control appointments, he can control the agenda of the country, and is willing to destroy the country in the process.”

On Why Sununu Would Vote with McConnell — Not New Hampshire

“When it comes down to the bottom line, [Sununu] is going to owe Mitch McConnell if he is ever to go to the US Senate — and Mitch McConnell will control that vote. Look at how he controls the votes of the Republicans today. And Chris Sununu will have to sell his soul to get the money to run a credible campaign for the US Senate, and we're very concerned that, you know, the court packing and the anti-choice, you know, the decisions of Mitch McConnell is always putting DC and his personal interests above the people of New Hampshire, and Chris Sununu would end up voting against New Hampshire.”


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