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NHDP Annual Winter Extravaganza Is a Huge Success

Manchester – Democrats from all over the Granite State gathered at the DoubleTree Hilton Expo Center on Saturday for the annual NHDP McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Eleanor Roosevelt Winter Extravaganza: A Family Reunion, the party’s largest annual fundraising event.

Members of the federal delegation and New Hampshire leaders were joined by special guest New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.

Sen. Booker emphasized the importance of victory here in New Hampshire.

“The whole country is going to turn on what you do. When you see elections being won by just 1,000 votes, when you take back the State House is going to determine when you can preserve women's rights,” Sen. Booker said.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley highlighted this year’s municipal election victories.

“We swept the local elections unlike ever before. We did that by knocking on doors, having hard working and great candidates, and strong local committees. ”

Senate Democratic Leader Senator Soucy delivered remarks celebrating her colleagues in the State Senate.

“I have seen them find opportunities where most people would see only hopelessness. I’ve seen them work harder and better for their constituents than maybe any other time in my service to the New Hampshire State Senate.”

In his remarks, Representative Matt Wilhem, “Our goal is simple: bring balance back to the New Hampshire House, and inspire long-term confidence in our ability to make it happen — we are going to get the train back on the track, and get this state back to a place where the people who live here are no longer ashamed of their lawmakers.”

The NHDP spent the evening recognizing the hard work and dedication of this year’s award honorees:

McIntyre-Shaheen Legacy Award, Sen. Sylvia Larsen

Franklin D. Roosevelt Award, Sen. David Watters

Eleanor Roosevelt Award, Hon. Jackie Weatherspoon

Dunfey-Kanteres Award, JoAnne St. John

Emerging Leadership Award, Rep. Matthew Wilhelm

Kathy Sullivan Courage and Leadership Award, Rep. Katherine Rogers

NHDP Leadership Award, Paul Robitaille and Ruth Larson

NHDP Hero Award, Gene Faltus


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