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NH Democratic Women Leaders Call Out NH GOP’s Attacks on Reproductive Freedom As Trump and GOP Block Legislation Protecting Contraception, 59 Years After Griswold Decision

Trump’s GOP: Republicans Vote Against Right to Contraception on the Week of the Griswold Supreme Court Decision Anniversary

On the week of the Griswold v. Connecticut anniversary—a Supreme Court case that legalized contraception for married couples and paved the way for Roe v. Wade—Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked the passage of a bill that ensures Americans can access contraception and health care providers can prescribe and distribute it. Granite Staters are witnessing escalating attacks by Republicans across the country on abortion, IVF, and now contraception that mirror the NH GOP’s extreme attacks on reproductive freedom.

While the overwhelming majority of Granite Staters support the right to access an abortion, including the majority of Granite State Republicans, New Hampshire Republicans time and again have worked to carry out Trump’s devastating and unpopular plans to rip away Granite Staters’ reproductive health care. New Hampshire Republicans proposed a 6-week and 15-day abortion ban that made no exceptions for rape or incest and have repeatedly voted to defund Planned Parenthood and reproductive health care centers across the state.

“Republicans in Concord have made clear that they will put the anti-choice agenda of Donald Trump and national Republicans over the majority of Granite Staters who support access to abortion. First Trump and extreme Republicans came for abortion, then IVF, and now contraception — and we know that New Hampshire Republicans will push the same extreme agenda if they keep their majorities in November,” said Democratic Senate Leader Donna Soucy.

“When New Hampshire Republicans push for a 6-week abortion ban, and even sponsor a 15-day abortion ban, when they vote repeatedly to block family planning funds and defund Planned Parenthood, they are putting Donald Trump’s extremism above the majority of Granite Staters of all political parties who support access to reproductive health care. Trump’s Republican Party made their priorities clear once again this week — and come November, we will stop Trump and the NH GOP’s attacks on our reproductive freedom,” said Deputy House Democratic Leader Alexis Simpson.


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