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NEW VIDEO: Cringiest Moments from the GOP Newsmax Debate Last Night

Another cringey, nasty, and awkward Republican Senate debate took place last night. We made sure to compile the “best” moments of fighting, brawling, and bad policy positions that you can watch here.

Here are the lowlights from the debate:

  • The Newsmax moderator called Bruce Fenton “Bruce Felton” and thought that Chuck Morse was Don Bolduc.

  • Don Bolduc again said he was opposed to allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, proving once more that he would stand with Big Pharma over Granite Staters, saying, “Anything that the government is involved in is not good and doesn’t work.”

  • Chuck Morse roasted Kevin Smith for “probably not understanding” how the state legislature works and attacked Smith for missing 61 percent of his votes when he was a Representative in the NH State House.

  • Bruce Fenton refused to support Chuck Morse if he is the nominee, saying “I won’t vote for tyrants, Chuck,” and “I’m going down to vote against tyrants, and that includes you.”

  • Finally, by the end of the debate, Don Bolduc admitted that he “forgot what we were talking about.”


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