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New Hampshire Celebrates 13th Anniversary of Affordable Care Act

CONCORD, NH — 13 years ago today, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, bringing health insurance to 30 million more Americans. Since then, the Biden-Harris administration and Democrats across the country have built on the ACA’s progress, strengthening its protections and continuing to lower costs for families. Meanwhile, Republicans have spent more than a decade trying to do away with the ACA — a move that would kick millions of their health insurance and end protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

“Thanks to the Affordable Care Act and the progress Democrats have made since 2010, health care premiums are at an all time low, enrollment is at an all time high, and prescription drug costs are coming down. As MAGA Republicans continue pushing proposals to raise Americans’ health care costs with worse coverage, President Biden and Democrats in New Hampshire remain committed to building on the ACA by expanding coverage and lowering health care costs for families,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. Since 2010, Congressional Republicans have voted repeatedly to repeal the ACA. As president, Donald Trump led the charge to gut the Affordable Care Act and when that failed, he tried to sabotage the law, raising costs for families. Here’s a look at what the Affordable Care Act has delivered – no thanks to Republicans:

  • Insured more than 30 million Americans

  • Lowered costs for families

  • Forced insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions

  • Allowed those under 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance plan

  • Ended lifetime caps on essential care a person can receive

  • Stopped women from having to pay more for coverage simply because of their gender


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