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MORE CHAOS: Corey Lewandowski Says That the NH GOP Senate Field is Not Fully Developed

Donald Trump’s disgraced advisor is back and adding even more chaos to the already messy NH GOP Senate primary.

It’s just the latest example of turbulence in the Republican Senate primary.

Earlier this week, another Republican called on Bolduc to drop out of the race following his comments on the war in Ukraine. Corky Messner – a close ally of Chuck Morse – said Bolduc "should withdraw" from the NH GOP Senate primary and is "not qualified to be a U.S. Senator."

This is the second time that Lewandowski has inserted himself in the NH GOP Senate primary. Just last month, Lewandowski said “the President tasked me” to get a “great candidate in the U.S. Senate race up here in New Hampshire.

Chuck Morse, Kevin Smith, and Don Bolduc have all said they would gladly accept an endorsement from the former president which would be a “game changer” in the primary. However, during the interview this week, Lewandowski suggested that Trump is not happy with his choices in New Hampshire and said that the former president is “going to wait and see who has the financial resources, who has the grassroots resources to be successful” before endorsing.

Between calls for Bolduc to drop out of the Senate race and criticism that the field is “not developed," this is another very messy week for the "crazy," "complicated," and "hot mess" NH GOP Senate primary.

Listen to the interview here and read the transcript of the interview below.

Jack Heath: Corey Lewandowski. Let me switch gears to the domestic front here in New Hampshire. You're a New Hampshire resident. We just had Chuck Morse on, Senate president, Republican U.S. Senate GOP primary candidate Kevin Smith yesterday, general retired general Don Bolduc last week talking about the military aspects of the war in the Ukraine. And you speak often with the former president, is he and when will if he is, is he going to endorse one of these Republican Senate primary candidates who hopes to take on Maggie Hassan? Is the former president going to weigh in on this Senate race?

Corey Lewandowski: Well, look, I spoke to the president yesterday specifically about this race, and this is not the president's opinion, but it's mine. The comments that Don Bolduc made on Fox News this week completely disqualify him for a candidacy for the United States Senate. To think that we're going to put American troops on the ground there, CIA on the ground there, special forces on the ground there, when we've got our own problems here at home. I think it's a disqualifying factor and as it relates to the other two candidates, you know, Jack there's a criteria as you run for office that you have to meet. Can you organize? Do you have a grassroots operation out there, a groundswell of support to support your campaign, coupled with do you have the financial resources to compete to take out an incumbent, very weak Democrat U.S. senator? The first FEC report for both of these candidates, meaning Smith and Chuck Morse, is going to close at the end of this month. We'll see what those numbers are next month. But it's a two pronged strategy, and I believe Donald Trump is going to wait and see who has the financial resources, who has the grassroots resources to be successful.This is a very winnable seat. I'm not completely convinced the field is fully developed because there's a long way to go. The filing deadline is still many months away, so we're going to see where this goes.


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