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Mitch McConnell Has “Been Very Good to Me”: Don Bolduc Says as McConnell’s Super PAC Pours Millions

Mitch McConnell is Don Bolduc’s guy after all.

During an event with supporters in New Castle last week, Bolduc said that McConnell has “been very good to me, I have to admit. He spent millions to try and not get me elected in the primary, but he has come forward to do the opposite in the general election. So I'm very grateful."

Last Wednesday, Bolduc said on a conservative talk radio show, “I am now getting support from the national level from Senator McConnell, from the NRSC, from many senators. And I'm thankful for that.”

And Don Bolduc’s Quarter Three campaign finance report, released this weekend, shows that Mitch McConnell is now funding Don Bolduc’s campaign directly. The Bluegrass Committee, the Kentucky Senator’s leadership PAC, donated the legal maximum of $5,000 to Don Bolduc on September 29th. This direct donation is in addition to the $23 million Senate Leadership Fund, Mitch McConnell’s super PAC, has spent to boost Bolduc’s candidacy.

“Don Bolduc is another politician bought and paid for by Mitch McConnell and his corporate special interests, as they pour millions into New Hampshire to boost Bolduc’s floundering campaign,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “Bolduc would be a rubber stamp for McConnell’s agenda that includes banning abortion and ending Social Security and Medicare.”


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