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Mess Alert! Divisive GOP Primary in NH-01 Sees Sharpest Elbows Thrown Yet

Leavitt says Primary Opponents “Don’t Deserve” Election, Trump’s Support

MANCHESTER, NH – Republican candidates and operatives across the country couldn’t wait to spread the latest conspiracy about Secretary Hillary Clinton, including NH-01 candidate Karoline Leavitt, who took to a rightwing program to lament the “greatest political scandal in American history”.

While calling for Secretary Clinton and Dr. Anthony Fauci to be thrown behind bars, Leavitt took the opportunity in the interview to fire some of her sharpest attacks at her primary opponents – not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times:

“Any Republican that is running for office who does not pledge to investigate this, to put Hillary Clinton behind bars, to prove that Donald Trump was in fact right, should not be elected to office." (5:15)

“I'm actually running against two who haven't said a word about this story since it broke on Friday, they don't deserve to be elected, they don't deserve President Trump's support. We need strong fighters to be elected to Congress.” (5:38)

“We cannot elect Republicans who aren't even willing to talk about this. Because then when they get there, they're not going to do anything about it if they won't even talk about these scandals on the campaign trail.” (7:46)

“I am running in New Hampshire’s 1st district, it’s my home seat, again, against two establishment Republicans who won’t even talk about these scandals. It’s egregious.” (11:35)

If these attacks from Leavitt against her primary opponents like Matt Mowers and Gail Huff Brown are any indication, the contest to win the Republican nomination for New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District is going to focus on which candidate can out-Trump the other, not the needs of Granite Staters in the 1st Congressional District.


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