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MEMO: With Six Months Until Election Day, New Hampshire Democrats Are Ready to Secure Historic Wins Up and Down the Ballot

Overview: With six months until Election Day, New Hampshire Democrats have the infrastructure and momentum to secure historic wins up and down the ticket — from re-electing President Joe Biden and Congressman Chris Pappas, to keeping strong Democratic leadership in Congressional District 2, to flipping the corner office and State House blue. From now until November, we will talk to voters in every corner of New Hampshire about how Democrats are fighting to protect women’s fundamental freedom to make their own reproductive health care decisions, lower costs for hardworking Granite Staters, and make investments in public education that will pave the way for future economic prosperity in our communities. 

Democrats Have the Campaign Infrastructure to Reach Voters in Every Corner of the State 

  • While Donald Trump’s campaign lacks cash and has no public plans to invest in New Hampshire, the 2024 New Hampshire Coordinated Campaign is building a robust infrastructure to reach Granite Staters in every corner of the state.  

  • New Hampshire Democrats have opened coordinated campaign offices in Manchester, Exeter, Concord, Laconia, Lebanon, Wolfeboro, Rochester, Nashua, Berlin, Claremont, and Dover — 11 so far and with more to come.   

  • The Biden-Harris Campaign and New Hampshire Coordinated Campaign have hired dozens of staffers who are on the ground and will continue to ramp up operations as we get closer to November. 

Republican Gubernatorial Primary is Plagued by Infighting While Democratic Candidates Unite on Issues that Matter to New Hampshire 

  • Kelly Ayotte and Chuck Morse continue to duke it out in a divisive primary for governor. Both candidates are desperately pandering to the most extreme elements of their party instead of standing up for New Hampshire.   

  • Meanwhile, Democratic candidates for governor Joyce Craig and Cinde Warmington have stood together alongside fellow Democrats to highlight how Donald Trump and the NH GOP want to take away Granite Staters’ reproductive freedoms — an issue that is top of mind for the majority of voters. 

New Hampshire Republicans’ Slim State House Majority is Marred by Scandals 

  • Republicans are desperately holding onto their slim majority in the State House, which has been defined by their members' ongoing scandals and extreme agenda that is out of step with New Hampshire values.   

  • A report from InDepthNH found that State Representative Jon Stone — a top Trump campaign ally in New Hampshire and a Kelly Ayotte endorser — was terminated from his job as a Claremont police officer after he “threatened to kill fellow police officers in a shooting spree, and murder his chief after raping the chief’s wife and children, all while he was already under scrutiny for his inappropriate relationship with a teen girl.”  

  • A group of Republican legislators violated state law by neglecting to share expense reports with the state showing the value of the free rooms, meals, and air travel they received for attending conservative conferences in recent years.   

  • Two Republican state representatives resigned after investigators learned they continued serving in old districts months after they moved to new districts.   

  • State Representative Jess Edwards made national headlines when he voiced his opposition to a bill setting the minimum age of marriage to 18, saying it would encourage "ripe and fertile" teenagers to have abortions instead of having a family.  

  • State Representative Jeffrey Greeson was arrested for assaulting a snowplow driver

Democratic Special Election Wins Show Pattern of Democratic Victories Throughout the Granite State 

  • New Hampshire Democrats have won 7 of the 9 past special elections since 2022 from traditionally Republican and Trump “strongholds” to swing communities throughout the Granite State.   

  • Democrats are winning across New Hampshire because they’re talking about the issues voters care about, like protecting and expanding reproductive health care, making housing and child care more affordable, and investing in our schools, children, and the future of our state.   

  • Meanwhile, New Hampshire Republicans have made clear they’re right with Donald Trump, working to expand his agenda of banning abortion nationwide, criminalizing doctors who perform abortion and women who receive one, and hurting New Hampshire families with threats to cut Social Security and Medicare — their fringe agenda in the Granite State includes proposing a 15-day abortion ban, forcibly outing LGBTQ+ students, and passing unaccountable and irresponsible fiscal policies that hurt hardworking Granite Staters. 

New Hampshire Democrats Are Building the Infrastructure and Momentum Needed to Win the Key Battleground State in November

  • New Hampshire has a long history of being the state that decides the outcome of presidential races.   

  • If Al Gore had won New Hampshire’s four electoral votes in 2000, he would have been president – regardless of what happened in Florida.  

  • Three of the last six presidential general elections in New Hampshire have been decided by less than a 1.5% margin.  

  • The 2024 general election is neck and neck — and the results of the general election could come down to New Hampshire.

Key Takeaways: 

  • With over ten coordinated campaign offices, dozens of staff, and more to come, New Hampshire Democrats are heavily investing in campaign infrastructure so we can reach voters in every corner of the state from now until November.  

  • While Republicans are busy juggling their salacious scandals and unpopular agendas that take away our personal freedoms and hurt hardworking Granite Staters, Democrats are fighting to protect reproductive freedom, lower housing and childcare costs, and invest in our public schools and communities.  

  • New Hampshire could determine the presidential election and is Democrats’ top gubernatorial pick-up opportunity in the country. This cycle is also New Hampshire Democrats’ best opportunity to flip the state legislature. With opportunities to elect Democrats up and down the ticket, New Hampshire is the battleground state to watch in 2024.


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