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MEMO: Victoria Sullivan’s disturbing and irresponsible record is wrong for the Queen City

Ahead of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce mayoral debate between Mayor Joyce Craig and Victoria Sullivan, residents of the Queen City deserve the facts about Victoria Sullivan’s disturbing and irresponsible record.

Victoria Sullivan repeatedly turned her back on the people of Manchester when she was a state representative. Sullivan’s disturbing and irresponsible voting record is why Manchester residents kicked her out of office in 2018 and she hasn’t held office since.

Today, the NHDP is exposing how her record on crime makes her unfit to lead Manchester:

Sullivan’s record reveals that she would make Manchester less safe

Sullivan is anti-choice

  • In 2016, Victoria Sullivan voted to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood. [NH General Court, 1/27/2016]

  • Sullvian has repeatedly voted to ban abortion. [NH General Court, 3/9/2016; NH General Court, 3/9/2016]

  • Sullivan was an outspoken proponent of Sununu’s Anti-Choice budget: “​​Former New Hampshire House Assistant Majority Leader Victoria Sullivan was also pleased with the passage of the bills. ‘The news coming out of Concord today is historic. My former colleagues passed a Republican-led state budget that delivers for the hard-working families of Manchester, and plans for the future for our city and our state,’” [Manchester Ink Link, 6/25/21]

Sullivan’s history of LGBTQ+ and anti-trans bigotry

  • Victoria Sullivan has repeatedly voted against protections for the LGBTQ+ community and has been vocal about her bigotry.

  • Sullivan voted against bills prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity twice, [NH General Court, 3/9/2017; NH General Court, 3/7/2018]

  • Sullivan has voted in support of conversion therapy. [NH General Court, 3/23/2016]

  • Sullivan has a history of making anti-transgender and anti-gay comments, signaling she believes that being gay is “not science,” and that transgender protections “open the door for predators to just sit there waiting.” [InDepthNH, 10/18/19]

Sullivan’s Anti-Public School Record

  • Victoria Sullivan voted in favor of a school voucher program that siphons away funding from our public schools and raises property taxes. [NH General Court, 5/3/2018]

  • Sullivan voted to lower the standards of public school curriculum hurting students and teachers. [NH General Court, 3/11/2015]

  • Sullivan attacked the Manchester Education Association or, which is the largest union of public school teachers in Manchester. [Manchester Ink Link, 10/15/21]

  • Sullivan attacked the students of one of Manchester’s schools, Beech Street School, which serves some of Manchester’s most financially vulnerable families and has the greatest number of reduced or free lunches in the state. [Manchester Ink Link, 10/15/21]


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