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MEMO: Chuck Grassie’s Win Shows Granite State Democrat Momentum

From: New Hampshire Democratic Party To: Interested Parties

Date: February 24th, 2023

Contact: Monica Venzke

OVERVIEW: On Tuesday, Rep. Chuck Grassie defeated his Republican opponent David Walker in a special election following their tie in November for the Rochester Ward 4 State House seat. Rep. Chuck Grassie won 568 votes to Walker’s 449, sending him back to another term in Concord.

New Hampshire Democrats are building momentum. With more special elections on the horizon, it’s clear that New Hampshire Democrats have a path to take back the State House majority this session.

  • On Tuesday, Rep. Grassie outperformed Senator Hassan and Congressman Pappas in 2022 as well as President Joe Biden’s margins in 2020.

  • In 2021, Democrats won three consecutive special elections, including in Bedford, a former Republican stronghold.

  • In 2022, despite predictions that suggested these would be extremely tight races, Senator Maggie Hassan, Congresswoman Kuster, and Congressman Pappas all won their re-election bid by staggering margins.

  • In addition, Democrats made significant gains in the State House in the midterms. More voters voted for Democrats than Republicans, with Democrats winning the popular vote.

Investing in grassroots mobilization is our winning strategy. Democrats are meeting voters where they’re at and focusing on a robust field program that continues to pay major dividends.

  • Granite State Democrats focused our efforts on going door to door and talking directly to voters. With the help of dozens of volunteers, Democrats knocked thousands of doors — making multiple passes of Democrats in the Ward.

  • Over a third of the ward’s registered voters turned out for this election, which is an incredible turnout for a State House special election.

Granite Staters are rejecting the extreme Republican agenda at every level. This election was just the latest in a series of New Hampshire Republican losses.

  • David Walker and New Hampshire Republicans ran their campaign based on extremist ideals that Granite Staters have rejected time and time again and lies about Rep. Grassie’s record.

  • New Hampshire Republicans are pushing extreme anti-choice legislation and a harmful school voucher scheme that skyrockets our taxes and defunds our public schools — policies Granite Staters have proven time and time again they want nothing to do with.

  • After losing both congressional races and the U.S. Senate race, as well as failing to gain any ground in the State Senate and losing seats in the State House last year, it is clear that the extreme Republican agenda is a losing one.

KEY TAKEAWAY: New Hampshire voters want strong leaders to stand against the anti-choice, anti-public education, extremist agenda of the NH GOP. This special election victory is another example of the momentum that Granite State Democrats are building going into this year’s municipal elections and next year’s general election.


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