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Local Community Leaders Discussed How the GOP Agenda Is Hurting New Hampshire Seniors

Concord, N.H. - Today, a group Granite Staters who advocate for local seniors joined a press call to discuss how Donald Trump and Republicans have failed New Hampshire seniors. Since he took office, Donald Trump has schemed to make massive cuts to Social Security and Medicare, he has broken his promise to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and his chaotic and unprepared COVID-19 response has put seniors at risk.

Like Trump, Chris Sununu has failed to listen to the experts and his insistence on putting politics first has led to the mismanagement of COVID-19 in New Hampshire - where 95% of those who have died from COVID-19 have been at least 60 years old, and three in five were over 80, according to the New Hampshire Health and Human Services Department. Meanwhile, both Republican Senate Candidates, Donald Bolduc and “Colorado Corky” Messner have campaigned on supporting Trump’s budget cuts to Social Security and Medicare that would hurt New Hampshire’s seniors.

You can listen to today’s call here.

Read excerpts from today’s press conference call:

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley: “For the last three years, Donald Trump and the GOP have pushed scheme after scheme that hurt our seniors. Trump has pushed plots to increase the costs of life saving prescription drugs. Trump and Chris Sununu have refused to listen to medical professionals at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted our senior community” [...] “Even worse, both Republicans running for Senate, Donald Bolduc and “Colorado Corky” have supported Trump’s budget cuts and have pledged to stand with him in the Senate, instead of New Hampshire. It’s clear that the GOP agenda is hurting New Hampshire’s seniors.”

State Senator Cindy Rosenwald: “One of the biggest financial challenges our seniors face in New Hampshire - which has the highest health care costs of any state in the country - is the costs of prescription drugs. If it were up to Trump and the rest of the GOP, those costs would only get higher for our seniors - forcing many to choose between buying groceries and buying life saving medicine. Since taking office, Donald Trump has made it clear how the GOP agenda will only hurt our seniors.”

Dwight Davis, President and co-owner of Senior Helpers of South Eastern New Hampshire: “The GOP agenda has nothing to do with listening to health experts, and ultimately their agenda hurts our seniors. Trump has refused to follow the advice of health experts throughout this crisis - from the beginning, he has downplayed the severity of COVID-19 along with our Governor Sununu, calling it the flu.” […] “Just this week it was reported that in New Hampshire, 95% of COVID-19 victims have been at least 60 years old, and three in five were 80. If Sununu continues to bow to Trump’s demands that states rush to reopen, these numbers are likely to get higher. Pam Jorgensen, co-chair of the New Hampshire Democrats Senior Caucus: “The GOP agenda is all about raising costs of prescription drugs, refusing to make health policy based on science, and gutting essential programs our seniors rely on. In short, the GOP agenda hurts New Hampshire’s seniors, which is why come November, we’ll do everything we can to elect Joe Biden, re-elect Senator Shaheen, Congresswoman Kuster, Congressman Pappas, and support Democrats up and down the ticket who will fight for our seniors.”



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