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Last Week, Sununu Administration Quietly Lowered N.H. Vaccination Rate Statistics As Cases Rise

Concord, N.H. -- Without warning or explanation from the Sununu administration, New Hampshire’s COVID-19 dashboard reporting for percent of total individuals who have received a first dose of the vaccine dropped by two percentage points over twenty-four hours between Sunday, July 25 and Monday, July 26 from 60.4% to 58.4%. The full vaccination rate also dropped two percentage points, from 55.3% to 53.6%.

New Hampshire’s vaccination rate already lagged behind every other state in New England, and this drop puts New Hampshire further behind as COVID cases rise and there is an urgent need to vaccinate more Granite Staters.

The COVID dashboard also shows different percentages for people vaccinated for the past few days— an inconsistency in which the state is essentially reporting DIFFERENT vaccine rates.

Considering that the Sununu administration has already had issues with honestly reporting the state’s vaccination rate, the sudden drop in percentage with no explanation raises serious questions about how accurately the Sununu administration is reporting COVID data.

COVID DASHBOARD ON JULY 25: This is an image of Sunday’s COVID-19 dashboard that shows a higher percentage for NH residents fully vaccinated and the percent of NH residents with at least one dose.


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