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Karoline Leavitt Says Anything But the Truth on Live Q&A

MANCHESTER, NH — Today, Karoline Leavitt joined WMUR for a live Q&A, where she made remarks that, as usual, made clear her positions are totally out of step with Granite State values.

When asked about the 2020 election results, she stated that she would not have voted to certify the election results — a continuation of her dangerous accusations that President Biden winning the 2020 election is “preposterous” and untrue.

On top of that, Karoline tried to minimize the devastating effects of PFAS contamination, saying that it only comes up from “time to time” and that any action isn’t the place of the federal government but of the free market — the same free market that is causing the pollution in the first place. She’s repeatedly made her denial of climate issues abundantly clear — calling it "BS" and saying that Democrats “manufactured” climate change to “brainwash” Americans.

In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke released the following statement:

“If elected, Karoline would absolutely vote to ban abortion, privatize Social Security, and promote the far-right, extreme agenda she’s touted for the entirety of her campaign.

This November, Granite Staters are going to vote for the candidate who has been working across the aisle to deliver results, not one who is pushing an extremist agenda and ignoring the issues that New Hampshire voters care about most.”


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