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Karoline Leavitt Campaigns with MAGA Celebrities Cruz and Boebert

MANCHESTER, NH — Today, Karoline Leavitt, Republican candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, announced that Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert and Florida Representative Byron Daniels will be coming to the Granite State to campaign for her ahead of next week’s primary. This follows the announcement that Texas Senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz will be coming to New Hampshire on Thursday to rally for Karoline.

Lauren Boebert, known for her commitment to spreading the Big Lie, Islamaphobic comments about fellow members of Congress, and alleged role in the January 6th insurrection, is exactly the kind of extremist that you’d expect to campaign with someone like Karoline.

Ted Cruz isn’t any better. Also a Big Lie touter and anti-choice extremist, you may know Ted Cruz as the guy who fled Texas to vacation in Cancun while millions of Texas residents were without power and safe drinking water, causing the deaths of over 20 people.

In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke released the following statement:

“Ted Cruz and Lauren Boebert are the same brand of radical, MAGA extremist as Karoline Leavitt, and it’s no surprise she’d want people like that campaigning for her. They are three peas in a pod.

Karoline is neck-and-neck with flailing Matt Mowers — someone just as radical as her — so she’s bringing in MAGA celebrities to help mobilize her extremist base. Aligning herself with people like Cruz and Boebert shows just how out of touch Karoline really is with Granite State voters.”


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