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In Latest Sign of NH Republicans’ Chaotic Primary, Bolduc Claims the NH GOP Race is Rigged

New Hampshire’s Republican primary is already getting messy — with the only declared candidate in the race now accusing the state party of using bribes to rig the race against him.

Last week, Don Bolduc — the only declared candidate in the race — spoke at a local Republican Committee where he slammed the New Hampshire Republican Party for trying to recruit candidates to run against him who they can “control.” Bolduc added that “the NH GOP doesn't support me. Governor Sununu doesn't support me,” and he said that the NH GOP is bribing local GOP committees with funds if they don’t support Bolduc’s candidacy.

Listen to the audio here and read a transcript of what Bolduc said below.

Bolduc’s attacks on the state party are just the second example in the past month of the primary causing Republican infighting.

Just two weeks ago, an attempt to anoint the GOP nominee sparked a mini civil war among New Hampshire Republicans. One potential candidate openly mocked the meeting on Twitter, Bolduc wasn’t even invited, and the meeting drew condemnation from the conservative Union Leader editorial board, the far-right activist website Granite Grok, and Republican Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley.

With more candidates expected to get into the race in just a few weeks, the Republican primary is set only become more divisive, chaotic, and messy — leaving the GOP fractured heading into the midterms.

Don Bolduc at the Dover Republican Committee:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: What's the difference between this year's election and 2019 for you?

BOLDUC: Oh, for me.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: What do you believe is going to get you to be on the ballot?

BOLDUC: So the big difference here is in 2020, the--I got a word this correctly here. Not that I'm trying to be politically correct, but I just want to make sure that I get it--

AUDIENCE MEMBER: You don't have to be politically correct, we're adults, we're all adults.

BOLDUC: --I get it right here. In 2020, people didn't know what was actually happening. They honestly didn't and they went with the establishment and they took the establishment's word for things. And they said, "This is your candidate and you're going to--this is who we want you to vote for." And they excluded others. And that's not happening this time, right? Now listen, I've been a candidate since last November. Nobody is in a race right now, right, against me. Everyone was waiting for Governor Sununu to make a decision. Governor Sununu made the decision. Right? So now there's still nobody yet, but it looks like there'll be a couple of people coming in. Right? The reason the people are coming in, and this was stated and it was stated in meetings at the NH GOP and other levels, "we need to get two people or three people or whatever to run against Bolduc because we can't control him. We cannot control it." So and I have a representative that knows exactly that, by the way, they're going around and they're saying, "we'll give your GOP organization money we'll pay for certain events for you if you don't support him."

BOLDUC: Listen, the NH GOP does not support me. Governor Sununu does not support me.


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