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In A Desperate Rant, Sununu Tries to Defend Putting His Ski Resort Ahead of NH Schools

Concord, N.H. -- During a press conference today Governor Chris Sununu once again attacked teachers for raising concerns about his decision to put his ski resort ahead of New Hampshire’s schools by vaccinating members of ski patrol before New Hampshire’s teachers. Following the reports that Sununu approved a plan to move ski patrol members -- even out-of-staters and volunteers -- into the first group for vaccinations -- and to downgrade the priority of teachers, more than 300 teachers sent Sununu a letter urging him to follow the CDC recommendations and put teachers back in Phase 1b of the vaccine rollout. New Hampshire is one of only two states -- along with New Jersey -- that will not vaccinate educators by Phase 1b -- in defiance of CDC guidelines that say Phase 1b of the vaccine rollout should prioritize frontline educators. The state’s decision under Governor Sununu to prioritize vaccinating ski patrol staff also raises serious concerns given Sununu and his family’s financial ties to the ski industry. Chris Sununu was the former CEO of his family’s ski resort at Waterville Valley before becoming governor in 2016 and two of his brothers, James and Michael, continue to serve as corporate officers over the property. And Sununu still holds an ownership stake in the ski resort. “In his desperate rant today, Chris Sununu doubled down on his position that employees of his ski resort should get vaccinated before our teachers,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “His continued attacks on teachers are a blatant attempt to distract from the fact that he put his personal and political profits over the health and safety of New Hampshire’s teachers and students.”



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