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ICYMI: Senator Sherman, Senator Perkins-Kwoka, Activist Lucas Meyer, Hold Event...

Democrats discussed SB90, the redistricting legislation coming before the Senate on Thursday

In Case You Missed It, Senator Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, Senator Tom Sherman, and Lucas Meyer, activist and former president of the New Hampshire Young Democrats, discussed SB90, the redistricting legislation coming before the Senate on Thursday. This bill, introduced by Senator Perkins Kwoka, would ensure that redistricting occurs in a transparent, fair, and public manner.

Read remarks from the press conference here:

Lucas Meyer:The two senators on this call have introduced a bill to inject transparency and accountability to the process. Republicans at every turn have said, no. They have refused to allow the public into this process to allow for transparency, to allow for a fair process to play out. Even worse, Governor Sununu over the past two years has vetoed partisan bills for advisory independent redistricting commissions. The stakes could not be higher. The health of our democracy is on the line and that is why I am so proud and we consider ourselves lucky to have leaders like Senator Sherman and Senator Perkins-Kwoka in the Senate fighting for us.”

Senator Perkins-Kwoka: "This year, we must restore our faith in and the strength of our democracy by putting common-sense rules in place which ensure that the process is open, fair, and designed with the best interest of our state - for all of us - in mind. That is why I worked with Senator Sherman to introduce SB 80 and 90. SB 90 would make redistricting meetings and maps public, and ensure that taxpayer dollars used for redistricting are available to both political parties. It would do this by establishing an advisory independent redirecting commission. This bill ensures that a fair, transparent, public process for redistricting will be put into place. All voters benefit from the drawing of these maps, not just leaders of the political party who hold on to power."

Senator Sherman: “The divide caused by gerrymandering, where extreme political candidates thrive, must end. The best ideas are arrived at through robust debate where citizens representing different ideologies are given the opportunity to engage and contribute to our democracy by drawing a fair and impartial map based on people and not politics, based on representation and not partisan power. We can help heal and unite our country. And a key part of that is making sure the redistricting process is fair, transparent, and independent. And that's what SB 90 does.”



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